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Apple Leak Confirms Massive New iPhone 7

This is the biggest iPhone 7 leak yet.

I love Apple products, but sometimes I think they are too clever by half.  Yes a new phone is always exciting, but getting rid of the headphone jack in favor dual speakers on a handset, just doesn’t really make sense to me.  Granted I almost never use the headphone jack anymore in favor a a bluetooth or wifi (AppleTV) connection, but I’m not seeing the value of dual speakers on something so small.  I do like the blue option though.

Source: Apple Leak Confirms Massive New iPhone 7

Amazon Targets YouTube Inc. will let people post videos to its website and earn money from advertising, royalties and other sources, putting the company in more-direct competition with Google’s YouTube.

Source: Amazon Targets YouTube With New Online Video Posting Service – Bloomberg

Yahoo tried to provide the regular consumer the YouTube user generated content model several years ago.  I even worked on the automated UGC filtering for spam, adult content, and copyrighted materials for Yahoo at the time.  Amazon will likely fair better here than Yahoo did, because they are pursuing the monetized content model and they know that model well from Kindle Direct Publishing and the Amazon Market Place.  YouTube is driving further into this model with YouTube Red, so the market as a whole is going to grow exponentially.


It will be a tough road, but if anyone could compete directly with Google/YouTube it’s Amazon.

Multitasking vs Concentration

According to a study in Forbes, multitasking is not all it’s cracked up be.

Multitasking Damages Your Brain And Career, New Studies Suggest.

I often see people who have many tasks going at the same time, I do some of that myself, but I’m much better just concentrating on one task at a time in series. Now at least there is something to point to there being more than just my intuition about multitasking.

Spain’s Financial Exodus

If you need further evidence of the failed policy of “tax the rich & spend your way out of a deficit”, just consider Spain. The Reuters article describes how people are transferring money out of Spain like mad. It’s just insane to think that people would not move their money out. Who wouldn’t in the face of such obvious financial ineptitude?